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Using MS22759/32-20ga wire in Deutsch Autosport 38943-22 Socket or 38941-22 Pin

Practical Motorsport Wiring - Professional Level

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Looking for some advice....

I know the catalog from Deutsch specifies the min gauge size to be 22 for either of these terminals since I'm building a bulkhead passthruough setup using 2 different AS connectors. To maximize the number of terminals available I found I need to use 22ga for 2nd AS connector based on design.

What is the chance that a 20ga of the same MS22759/32-20ga could be used in place of 22ga?

Crimping quality comes to mind as well insertion challenges. I'm also not looking to draw more amperage than 3.5 but leverage essentially the wire inventory I have in my possession.


I wouldn't be concerned with crimp quality with such a small jump in cross sectional area. Insertion may be a bit tougher when you get down to the last few contacts but again, I wouldn't be concerned.

You wont even get 20AWG wire into a size 22 contact.

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