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What needs shielding on a Wideband harness?

Practical Motorsport Wiring - Professional Level

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I'm about to wire a Holley NTK wideband to a Holley Dominator EFI. The last time I wired this combo I used Holley's 7-conductor cable, but this time I'd like to use individual tefzel wires for a less bulky finished product. The 7-conductor cable has two 18-gauge wires for the heater, plus five 20-gauge wires that are shielded with foil.

What would be a good alternative to this cable? Do all 5 of the wires really need shielding? Should I use a 6-conductor shielded tefzel cable and just leave one wire unused? How do you guys normally wire wideband sensors?

take a look under "shielded wiring" in the search menu they are a few good points raised here

I have never shielded anything in a loom I have made except trigger and knock wiring

Regards Ross

I can't speak for NTK, but i've installed an LSU 4.9 6 x 20AWG Tefzel with no-shielding.

Even the LSU harness that came with the ECU, for the internal lambda module is supplied with no shielding.

I agree with Ross about only shielding Trigger, knock and wheel speed sensors

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