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When to use ATUM vs SCL

Practical Motorsport Wiring - Professional Level

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I started out using ATUM as my go-to material for transitions and connector boots (except where moulded shapes are used) but have recently moved over to SCL.

I'm interested if people find there are applications to use both materials and if so, what situations cause you to select SCL over ATUM or vice versa?

Being available in 4:1 ratio ATUM can allow booting of certain connector/bundle combinations without the need to use an additional piece to increase the diameter of the bundle first. I'm not sure that alone warrants keeping a stock of both materials though.

I prefer ATUM for 4:1 max shrinkage as well as lower temp for max recovery. Tends not to roast whatever sleeve I use.

ATUM remains softer than SCL which can be a pro and con at the same time. For booting connectors ATUM tends to be a bit better due to the 4:1 shrink ratio (although ATUM is also available in 3:1). SCL is a bit more resistant to wear and tear and optically fits better to a harness that is otherwise made with DR25 and shrink boots.

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