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Which crimp tool for Deutsch high current connector ASHD614-1SN-C25

Practical Motorsport Wiring - Professional Level

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Hi Guys,

I have most of the tooling for all the size connector pins I have, EXCEPT the one for crimping the ASHD614-1SN-C25.

For the pin I need it for it has a 125A cont. current rating, so it will be a 25mm² wire (I suppose).

The site of TE doesn't offer the needed tooling option for this connector...

I did find the crimper for the size 4 contacts, but it's mentioned that it's for the DTHD connector contacts size 4/8 :


Would this also work for the size 4 contacts of the ASDH series ?

"Funny" side note: on the datasheet of the ASDH size 4 contacts the current rating is 100A (on the Cosworth IPS32 it's specified it can handle 125A)

Hello David.

The tool that you provided with link accepts only 6, 8 and 10 Awg wire. For 4 Awg wire I can suggest you to use this tool:


I personally used it for ASHD contacts and it crimps fine. Also it is a lot cheeper and manufactured by Molex.

As for current rating: TE data sheet states that it can accept 125A continuous current, 150A for up to 4 hours and up to 3 minutes at 200A (dependant upon ambient temperature)

My experience is that any hex crimp tool with the right size die will do a good job, but it will have to be a hex-crimper, not an indent crimper, to allow the terminal to fit into the connector body once it has been crimped.

Not that I would recommend it in any way.... But I have used my cheap ali-express hydraulic hex crimper for these terminals, and with a bit of fiddling it worked fine and had a good crimp.

Thanks Zac,

Found my answer here after a quick search through the forum.

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