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Which sensors/actuators to solder and pot?

Practical Motorsport Wiring - Professional Level

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Hey guys,

I'm working through the last of the steps on the motorsports wiring hardness class and Zac mentioned in Step 3 that injectors with US car connectors (I hope I heard him correctly) are reliable connectors and will not require soldering, potting, and creating a flying lead. Then some ignition coil connections are not reliable and would recommend soldering and potting.

I have an LS3 with what I would consider stock injectors. How do I determine if the connectors are suitable for a motorsports application? I plan on making a sub harness for the left and right banks of injectors (similar to stock), but would hate if one injector dies and I need to replace it. Therefore having to rebuild this entire sub harness.

What are your guys thoughts? Both on determining if a connector is suitable for motorsports level and the sub harnesses for each bank of injectors?


OEM connectors are never where suitable for motorsport applications. Some of them can be reliable but for motorsport applications, where we can expect higher temperatures and harsh environment, it is essential to use aftermarket connectors like Deutsch Autosport or Deutsch Industrial DT series. The reason that sometimes we use OEM connectors (instead of potting sensors and terminating them to aftermarket connectors) is a budget. So if it is allowed in your build, it is always better to terminate sensors and actuators to autosport connectors.

Im pretty sure a LS3 injector would have the USCAR connector. It is hard to find plugs that take a boot for USCAR injectors but otherwise they are robust and reliable.

Here is what USCAR looks like:

Hey guys,

Thanks for the quick posts, I definitely have USCAR injectors.


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