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Wire Size Range for Deutsch Autosport Connectors

Practical Motorsport Wiring - Professional Level

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Currently making the plan for a 4cylinder engine harness. I would like to have a look at a documentation that shows what range of wire size can a pin or socket be reliably crimped to. In this specific case I have 38941-20 pins and 38943-20 sockets. If there is no documentation available, is there a specific rule to follow to keep a reliable crimp? Or do you just simply use the same pin size and wire size for all aplications?

Another question following the previous one. Is it possible to crimp 2 wires in a single pin or socket and keep that connection reliable or would a splice be mandatory in this case?

Here is the technical manual that includes the info on those pins. It states 20-24 awg wire size is use for those contacts. I know I've put 2 22 awg wires in one contact, a single 18 awg wire, and even a resistor leg and a 22 gauge wire. When trying something "outside the book", I usually make a sample and give it the really good pull test. Probably leaving a bit of reliability on the table, but so far have not seen any failures to change my methods.


This is just what I wanted to get. Thanks for the quick replies

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