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Wire sizing for haltech ign1a coil on Deutsch Autosport connector

Practical Motorsport Wiring - Professional Level

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Hey what’s up guys. I have a mazda Fc3s with a haltech elite and haltech ign1a coils. I wanted to make a breakout harness for the coils using a Deutsch Autosport circle connector and tefzel wire. but i see that maximum size wire gauge to fit into the pins are 22awg. Would this be a safe gauge wire to use for the coil’s power supply and the Deutsch connector pin. I believe the connector pin is rated for 3amps. Thanks for your input

There are many different size contacts for different Autosport connectors that will support the current you need, as well as more reasonable priced HDP connectors if you're dead set on a circular/bayonet lock system. You're also referencing continuous current ratings so make sure you factor in duty cycle of your components when sizing as well.

You will want to allow for about 6A per coil for the power supply.

You could get an autosport connector with a pin arrangement that takes size 20 pins, and use multiple of those for the power supply. They are rated to 5A per pin (and the M22759/32 20 AWG wire will also be fine with this), so one pin per coil should be fine.

Isn't SZ 20 contact rated for 7.5A continuous (TE Deutsch Catalog Page 172)? I'm running two pins with 20 AWG wire, just in case ECU decides to do something stupid and over dwell coils.

Yeap, Jalmari is on the money here, size 20 pins are infact rated for 7.5A, so one of those per coil will be plenty. In the case that a coil driver gets locked on, the coil will heat up and die long before any excess current through the connector pin causes you any issues.

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