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Wire Splicing

Practical Motorsport Wiring - Professional Level

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Currently Im starting the planning for a 4 cylinder engine harness (Profesional level). The power wire for the fuel pump will run through the bulkhead connector (61 size 20 pins Deutsch Autosport Connector). I would like to splice the 14AWG Tezfel Wire to 4 20AWG Tezfel wires to go through the connector then splice them back to the 14AWG and finally it will feed the fuel pump. Will this be a recommended procedure for the lack of 14AWG pin in this connector?

That's the normal procedure. 4 20's is probably more than you need. 3 should cover a single 14awg pretty well.

An alternative procedure that I'm playing with is just run the multiple 20awg's for the entire run, don't use any 14awg at all. There's a bunch of possible benefits this way: Greater bulk discount by needing fewer wire sizes. Easier to twist when all the wires are the same size. And there's no splices within the harness. Just crimp the bunch of 20's directly together into the pins at each end.

Ill be using a DTP 2 pin connector with solid 12-14 pins. Will crimping the bunch of 20’s result in a reliable crimp? Ill be using a DMC AF8 if it matters at all. Thanks for the previous reply!

Perfectly reliable. It's no different than crimping that same bunch of 20's into a splice. Do some test crimps, and see what you think.

Only real difference is the weather seal on the connector might not seal properly. But that can be mitigated by booting the connector.

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