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Wires again!

Practical Motorsport Wiring - Professional Level

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Hi all apologies with this done to death question but here goes.

Could somebody with some expert knowledge just confirm that these wires in the following links are acceptable in a professional Motorsport harness for me please. It’s a mine field!




I am a complete novice but have been bitten by the wiring bug thanks to these courses, so I have decided that as I add new sensors, switches and upgrade parts of the harness to my race car I want to use the professional wiring for all my little projects. I will be using the Deutsch DT range for plugs but eventually with a better understanding and practice I will create a completely new harness using AS connectors.

I would like to purchase this once and not getting anything not to spec. What with the tooling, heat shrink, boots, potting compounds this does become an expensive project.


We use M22759/32 typically. This has a thinner insulation than the /16 which is also commonly used.

Since you are in Europe (well, sort of) you can also contact me if you need some of the right material to get started, if you want.

My eMail is cj@ecuplus.de.

All of them are suitable. The M22759/32 and 55A0111 are effectively identical. The M22759/34 is a dual wall insulation so slightly larger overall diameter and slightly heavier than the other 2.

That's brilliant, thanks a lot Gents for your responses & good to know I am on the right path. Appreciate your offer Christoph & may take you up on it, I could use all the help I can get.

One small victory this week, I built a test 12 switch rotary that is a 3rd of the size of aftermarket ones and got it to work on my Link ECU so something is sinking in :-)

I just noticed a typo in my original post above so just corrected it. The dual wall is /34, I had written it as /32.

Thanks for clarifying that Adam.

How does spec44 compare to M22759/32? I'm just about to order some wire to build my first harness and I had planned on using txl but I priced spec44 and there wasn't much difference, so decided on that. I hadn't thought of using M22759/32

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