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Practical Reflash Tuning

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Howdy guys, this gentleman references using a table AFR ERR SD histogram to plot AFR error after scaling your maf. Now I may have missed it somewhere, but I cant seem to find a video or article on this site about making this table. Any pointers on how to correctly set this up in HP tuners? And along with that, can I tune this table in open loop? It looks as if that's what he has done in the video but I just want to make sure. I do not have access to a dyno so road tuning is my only option at the moment. As well, when logging my maf afr err, I noticed at idle, it's pretty consistent with my commanded afr, but I am seeing spikes occaissionly to the lean range, it does not stay there for a long period, just spikes, then goes right back down, is this something to be concerned about?

Engine is a 2001 4.8 LR4 with a cam.

Yes, I have watched that video, it doesn't mention anything about tuning the VE table though? Or the AFR histogram for that one? Sorry for the newb response just trying to get a handle on this. So even though I get those weird spikes in the lean area I shouldn't be worried about it cause my percentages are smooth across the board with lots of data, just curious about the VE tuning histo, and whether or not I do it in closed loop

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