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Hello guys,

Today we wre dynoing my BMW 545 where fuel and ignition is controlled by a piggyback ecu. We noticed that at 5000 rpm the throttle was only open around 50% despite 100% pedal position. And of course we only measured the half of the expected power. We started thinking, read the original ECU and I found a Torque request map. Attached. 3D map of RPM and pedal%, result is power%. As I'm not so experianced in reflashing could you confirm or deny me? I'm thinking because of this map, the tps will be only opened maximum 50% despite higher pedal%.

Bosch ME 9.2 ECU BMW N62 engine. MAF removed so instead of valvetronic, car running in conventional throttle body mode.

Thanks in advance!

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Hey hope you are well

It sounds like you are looking for a torque limiting map. Not request

Basically it sounds like the car is hitting a torque limit. Ecu gets confused and cuts throttle to bring the car back below the torque limiter.

I think the map got some errors, do you use the cracked ecm titanuem?! If so thats the problem.

Thanks guys! Yes, I tried it on a cracked version... I thought also on this. So started searching a company who has a legal version of the ECM Titanium.