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I swaped LS to my buggy. I’ve got it from junck yard with harness and ECU (E38 calibration attached) and TCU (T42). I don’t have maf sensor and I try to make it mafless (calibration attached). It’s DBW and I have problem with throttle body, when the ignition is on and while starting ecu reads that tps is 30% but it closed. When I push pedal at 100% throttle opens 100%. Engine can idling only when I make leakage. As soon as I put in gear ecu falls in to limp mode and fault codes appears (see attachment). Appreciate any help!!!


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I can't see any calibration attached?

It is common to see the TPS reading higher than 0, usually its around 20-25% this is because this is the resting position of the the throttle plate then when you start the engine it should close down. This means if the throttle fails it will go back to the resting position of 20-25% and allow you to drive in limp mode.

That fault p0068 is common when you have and issue between TPS and MAP. The ecu has a table which calculates its predicted air mass based off MAP and TPS (under engine diagnostics, airflow). You can disable this table if you like.This will stop the code coming back and going into fault mode. Although there is a reason it is doing it. Usually when going MAFless and the MAFless tune/setup is not correct.