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Issue with 2012 STI Speed density idle.

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Had a car tuned over the internet after some modifications and it has an erratic idle once it enters closed loop. Here is the mod list:

1300cc ID injectors

speed density conversion with visconti kit 'A'

process west intake manifold

TGV delete

perrin intercooler

blouch 3.0 turbo

perrin 3" turbo inlet

killer b header

invidia up pipe

cobb flex fuel kit

omni 4 bar map sensor

Take a look at the datalog included and I am curious if anyone has any ideas on what to try. Ive tried replacing both O2s, done a vacuum leak check, tried switching to a hybrid maf/map setup, I even tried a different throttle body since I happened to have a spare one. Curious what ideas people have.

The car runs great in open loop and if you unplug the front o2 sensor it continues to run great.

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