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Lean Areas in AFR with Gear Shift Changes?

Practical Reflash Tuning

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Hi Andre,

In this Module, I know that the main concern is feeling the drive of the car to be smooth and looking for any knock retard areas. However, I could see that you had some Lean AFR with gear shift changes for few seconds reaching 1.18. Is this acceptable and to be ignored? Because in the standalone ECU tuning course with the Link G ECU, I remember that you did touch on tuning transient Fuel changes. I am not sure if this needs to be done with reflashing or just ignore?

Appreciate your support.

Thank you

It's pretty typical to see a brief lean spike on a gear shift but not a lean spike that lasts for a few seconds - This should only be for a few tenths of a second at most. I'd expect if you're going as lean as 1.18 lambda then this would result in a hesitation you can feel though as it's exceptionally lean.

If you're seeing this sort of lean spike and it's real then I'd try making some adjustments to the transient enrichment and see if that shows an improvement. Unless you've made dramatic changes to the engine configuration or injectors, it's almost never necessary to adjust transient enrichment when reflashing in my experience.

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