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Practical Reflash Tuning

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I'm starting to tune with the mazdaedit software on a boosted rx8..Need some guidance.. I've tuned a few rotaries the past few years but thru map based software. I'm being as careful as possible and just trying to get some low boost tuning done on the street. Timing is retarded quite a bit in boost and it seems to react very well to changes in afr thru the fuel open loop table gear maps...My question is for you guys is. What tables are you going to be focusing on the most? VE? open loop? There seems to be a lot of tables in the software of the ecu and knowing which one the ecu is relying on for it's fuel or timing is where I'm confused..Thanks for any help

Do you have more background on your setup? Pics under the hood? What have you done with the MAF sensor? How do your fuel trims look and have you rescaled for the higher load? Also please post your timing maps. You will need to pull a lot of spark.

Hi Raymond I'll get you some pic's here in a bit. It's a wild set-up for a drift car..I didn't build the motor or car but was asked to advise on the tuning aspect of the engine. There are very few people where I'm at who wanna touch a rotary let alone a boosted renesis, so I thought I would help out as much as possible. The motor was freshly rebuilt with some upgraded apex seals and side seals but thats about it. We are shooting for a around 12-14 psi tops on a gt35r...93 octane w/ wtr/meth injection. As I mentioned a timing has been retarded quite a bit around 6 deg leading at 7psi for now...also we have rescaled for higher loads up to 200..Fuel is low-mid 10's afr's in boost, everything in vacuum/no load is close to stock...Also what info specifically would you like to know about the maf? Thanks

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You need a complete list of all the changes you have made to the ECU maps. Make an Excel file with the stock map on the left side and the changed map on the right side, for example the MAF transfer function, the leading spark table, etc.

Here ya go. Take a look.

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Ok, I took a look. The spark and target AFR tables look fine as a starting point, but we need to see datalogs to understand what load you are reaching when in boost. Basically, you are in the ball park for your TARGET fuel and timing settings, but you need to check if they are being achieved.

How is the mass airflow sensor configured under the hood? You will need to check the fuel trims and scale the MAF sensor. In Mazda Edit the scaling table is under sensors-->MAF . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BpNvPVJaOqY at 9:45

Andre's webinar #99 explains MAF scaling (in that case on a GM LSx engine but the idea is similar).


Thanks for the info! The maf is configured as a blow thru within the same diameter intake as stock. We are verifing it is exactly the same. We are checking the fuel trims now and adjusting the maf, and i'm currently going thru the whole module on reflashing :). I can get some logs for you as we should have plenty here shortly. Although we did notice that below 11:1 afrs the stock wideband starts to read a lot leaner (1 point plus) than our innovate wideband. I was told that the stock wideband is known to do this as it's out of range. Have you ran into this issue?

Just wanted to follow up here..the renesis did 280rwhp at 8 ish psi mustang dyno off the w.g. spring we didn't get a chance to mess with the boost controller at all ran out of time..The advice I got here and the online training really helped! Thanks..and no apex seals were harmed during the many pulls we did :)..

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