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Practical Reflash Tuning - Step 4: MAF/Injector Scaling?

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Another brilliant video mate, really appreciate the true pro tips on how to stop the log recording prior to lifting off the throttle, it's little things like this that really set you apart, thank you so much.

Now I don't mean to sound dense but I was expecting some actual "Injector Scaling" aka tinkering in this video, am I misunderstanding the intent here? And as always I am thinking in the context of GM Gen 3s, yes I am a neanderthal! ha ha

Hi Greg, thanks for the kind words. With more sophisticated ECMs like those fitted to the GM series of LS V8 we really need proper injector data in order to adjust the calibration for different injectors. As you'd see in the tables, there's a lot of different parameters and we won't be able to guess or tinker with these values and end up with a good result. For this reason in the GM tuning world I'd always recommend using injectors from a supplier who can offer the correct data - I personally use ID injectors because of this.

It's different with more basic ECUs where for example there may only be a flow or scaling value and then a latency or deadtime table. These values can be worked out via data logging and iterative changes as explained in the course. We will cover this process as soon as we have a suitable vehicle here.