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Question about MAF sensor calibration

Practical Reflash Tuning

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Hi. I have a MAF controlled ECU. I have a cold air intake installed, with a larger MAF sensor. The ECU is having problems calibrating it with the oxygen sensors. It's a Nissan and I get a p2A00 code. When I was last on the race track it was running too rich as a result. Should I modify the air intake for more air? Or what else can be done to correct this?

Have you modified the MAF translation / calibration table in you ECU? What software did you use to do that? What process did you follow?

I wouldn't expect the ECU to work with a larger MAF sensor (or same MAF sensor in a larger housing) without reflashing the ECU.

No, I haven't done any ECU reflashing. It's still running on the stock tables. I'm trying to get the software to make the adjustments