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Reflashing Hardware and Software Solutions (and Kess / ECM/ WinOLS questions!)

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Hi, thanks in advance for the replies I hope my questions make sense!

I’m relatively new to the tuning world, especially reflash tuning, having only previously utilised Syvecs standalone systems.

I am currently looking for both reflashing hardware and software to access and custom tune a various range of vehicles, but I am having great difficulty in identifying which to go for.

I am having to rule out the COBB/Ecutek and other car specific tools, as I will require access to a much wider range of cars.

From the limited information I have found, I am being drawn to the Alientech Kess V2 Master system, there seems to be access to a large range of ECUs from this system.

The difficulty I am having is trying to answer the following questions:

1. - Does the Kess V2 offer any tuning software internal to the package, or do I need to purchase ECM Titanium or WinOLS (or both) to edit the files?

2 -Does the protocols purchased with Kess V2 differ from the chicksum/protocols with the tuning programs above, or will I require to purchase the chicksum/protocols with them also?

3. -What on earth are chicksum in the first place??!

4. -How do the subscriptions with all of the packages work?

If anyone could recommended any solutions for the above criteria, or shed light on the KESS/ECM/WinOLS packages I would be forever grateful!