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difference between tuning a turbo or N/A car

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Hi, in this course you explaned the hole video based on a N/A car, so i was wondering if you or how you should do when tuning a turbo car? is there any difference between tuning a N/A car or a turbo car? do you ad more fuel on a specific point or how do you logg the runs correctly ?

should i do more full throttle runs or how does it work ?

thanks !

Im wondering about this too. Anymore insight would be awesome.

Except the specific settings for a turbo application (like boost control) and the scale of the map sensor; it's basically the same thing.

you should watch that webinar:

It's a question we get a lot, but in reality there is no real difference. The techniques we use and the approach we use is the same as for a N/A engine. It's just the aim mixture and ignition timing may be a little different.