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Hi to all,

Here is a TIP for those that can only or mostly do Road Tuning, if you have Cruise Control on the car!

Normally when using Cruise Control the moment you touch the brake pedal or the clutch pedal the system is disabled, but if you unplug the brake switch, (the plug is near the brake pedal on the upper side, you'll have to verify for your vehicle) now you can press the brake pedal and the Cruise Control is no longer disabled unless you press the clutch pedal.

Now you have a small safety issue, but a much easier way to maintain a steady speed(RPM) at any gear and have a way to control Load with the brake pedal on your normal foot(right foot) and the Throtle position(TPS) is controlled by the cruise control system automatically. And also your left foot is free to press the clutch pedal (and that is what it's used to do for most of us) and disable the Cruise Control.

Don't forget that Cruise Control only works well above certain speeds, so you will have to choose to work above that speed for your car.

The rest is the same, log the run, change, verify...

If you are using a LINK ECU just use the QUICK TUNE function as an helper.

And very important don't forget to plug the brake switch back on.

Best of luck on your tuning.

Good tip, thanks.