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Mc Pherson

Suspension Tuning & Optimization

Relevant Module: Suspension Geometry > Anti Effects

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I would like to see an example of what reference is taken when the suspension is McPherson type and not double wishbone.

Do you have anything specific in mind?

Hey Reynaldo, It seems you're trying to understand how to measure anti-effects on a McPherson Suspension?

Here's a graphic to walk you through the process, essentially the only difference is in how you plot the Instant Centre.

You'll see in step 2 of the graphic the Instant centre is drawn from the top mount of the damper/coilover at 90 degrees to the coilover (Highlighted in green).

Anti Effects Measurement

This is why i was asking for specifics - I was thinking KPI, included angle, caster, scrub radius, etc, as many confuse the actual axis with the line of the strut damper' shaft - but it could be yet other aspects.

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