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Afr for high boost low rpm

Understanding AFR

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i have a 6L ls that I have put a lsa blower on running 13psi, 9.3 comp. it will make 13 psi just off idle (1200rpm). It is a bit of a tricky comb to tune and it is knock limited low down but if you get the timing to low it will miss fire especially when it pulls timing on a gearshift (auto). My question is what afr should I be shooting for. I’m commanding 12:1. Higher boost low rpm has not that higher cylinder pressure so maybe I could lean it to 13:1 and a bit more timing it seems to love.

It will probably make best power between 12 and 13:1 . You can try keeping the same timing and adjust it to 12.5:1 and then 13.0:1 . See if it starts knocking more. The other option is to keep the same AFR and just put a little bit more spark into it. Sometimes you end up with better power going a little bit richer with more timing than leaner.

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