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Car speaks Sean Paul's language now

Understanding AFR

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Motec m600:

speaks sean paul's lyrics: well, in a bad way....should go "with the bang bang" at the top of the redline but now goes bang bang all th damn time, is running rich even a moron can see the black smoke. It can go pretty much back to perfect if I remove the vaccum line to brake booster again, but in Saudi like country that's asking for a wreck. So yeah,

perfectly running car, just put the brake booster back on and now it also behaves like its got a misfire, but i checked all the coils are firing, and also something a car would do if it had a boost leak. Not sure how much manifold pressure is lost on a turbocharged car to do like that. Now whats my best bet?

add correction to the map?

add compensation table?

get rid of that brake booster for good?

something to do with wastegate spring pressure?

adjust the boost controller?

or something else??

I'm not sure I understand? Are you saying that the car was operating perfectly and all you've done is fitted a brake booster? This should have zero effect on the engine's operation. I'd be suspicious that you have a vacuum leak but even so it should run adequately on a speed density tune - you're likely to find the idle speed will be too high due to the vac leak. If the car was running on a MAF sensor then I'd understand your issues more.

All i did was send a line to brake booster which was previously blocked. The check valve is also installed. Not sure if the booster is the cause of the air leaking because i am quite sure there is no other possible leak anywhere else. I use a map sensor .

It should be easy enough to just put everything back how it was to check and confirm if it fixes your issues. Personally I'd be very surprised considering you're using a MAP sensor. I'd be looking for other potential issues.

Thanks Andre for a swift guidance.

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