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Coming up with target air fuel map

Understanding AFR

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I've been watching the videos and understand how to adjust the a/f ratio but I'm having a hard time coming up with what the target a/f ratio should be. is there specifics for certain loads or rpm? What would be safe to start with at all points? Does anyone have a sample map that I could take a look at or could explain how to come up with the correct ratio? Any help would be appreciated.


There's no one fast rule for picking and AFR for tuning all engines, Andre done a couple of webinars on choosing your AFR targets, they can be found in the archives, here's the one for NA engines:


Ok, awesome I will check it out. I've really wanted to try and start tuning some just didn't want to damage anything and wanted to keep things safe. Not real sure when to start transitioning into richer fuel mixtures.

The Understanding AFR course does provide you with safe starting AFRs for both naturally aspirated and forced induction engines.

Ok, I probably need to watch them again.

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