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Understanding AFR

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I have plans on tuning my personal cars and other multiple cars in the future as I get better. As of now I own a Subaru WRX and an Evo 9. I want to tackle all engine platforms. I need help deciding which laptop with what processor is best for tuning capabilities. I also need help deciding which innovate LM2 kit I need to get to accommodate what I want to accomplish.

I've been exploring this topic for myself recently. Initially, I planned to go with the LM-2 kit, although it's a decent kit. However, I've learned that its sensor lifespan is shorter than expected, and I couldn't find any kits for sale during the last two months. After reaching out and checking the HPA forum, Mike, DynoDom, and Gord provided valuable information to me.

They recommended the Ballanger AFR series, with Dom suggesting Zeitronix devices as a budget-friendly starting option. While I haven't personally used Zeitronix, I've heard positive recommendations. Mike and Gord shared insightful details about the Ballanger wideband. Following their advice, I spent two or three weeks researching why they are highly recommended and what sets them apart from competitors.

The sensor's offering and quality, compared to the competition, is unquestionable. Additionally, the ecosystem they provide is user-friendly. When the sensor reaches the end of its life cycle, ordering a replacement sensor from them is a plug-and-play process for the harness. The device also offers extensive customization settings.

These are the key points off the top of my head. If you have any more questions, I'm confident that Mike will join in and provide further insights.

When it comes to choosing a laptop, I'm also a tech geek. Considering you're in the USA, you likely have access to good deals, especially at MicroCenter shops. While tuning software isn't heavy on the CPU, having a laptop with a generation or two behind in technology is beneficial for longevity.

Regarding recommendations, Intel's 10th-gen laptops weren't bad, but I personally wouldn't consider them, given that the prices are comparable to 11th or 12th gen laptops. AMD has a few strong options, such as devices with the 5700U, 5800H, or U, 6650H, and 6800U. For Intel, any device with an 11th gen i5 should suffice.

If you're unsure about transitioning to Windows 11, it's not as challenging as some may think. It might be a bit of a shift if you're accustomed to Windows 10, especially if you're not highly proficient with computers. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask!

Johnny I suggest using the forum search as the subjects of tuning laptops and which wideband to use are both common ones all members have had at some point, so there is a lot of great feedback from members in other posts.

For Evos and Sti I'm still using Windows XP old laptop that I bought 12 years ago from Ebay for 60 USD, Tatrix Open port 2.0, Innovate LC2 - this combo works perfectly without any issues which I ran into when tried to use modern laptops with newer Windows versions. My explanation is those cars, computers and software are from the same time and that's why they bond so well)

I really do appreciate all the inputs, everyone.I will be taking the courses more in depth and I will also be doing more research on what’s going to work for me…I will also share my experiences as I go.

Shota brings up a good point, some software that was created back in the day looks for, and will only 'play' with, the specific OSs of the time. I had/have an old MBE that uses software that was made for 32 bit, and doesn't 'play nice' with the more modern 64 bit.

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