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Hi all,

I have a number of questions relating to the ideal wideband configurations on a stock RB26.

I am looking into upgrading to a Haltech Elite on my R32 GTR and take advantage of closed loop O2 control. I have read on various other forums that only a single sensor is required or if you go dual, the stock location on the turbo outlet is fine. My concerns are, correct me if i am wrong :-) :

1: A single wideband would not be as accurate as dual, especially as the rear cyclinders tend to run hot/lean?

2: The stock O2 locations are to close to the turbo for a wideband? (Haltech specify that the Bosch LSU 4.9 ideally needs to be placed 3 feet from the turbo)

If these are the case, would the placement on each pipe just before they merge suffice? (See pic)

Many thanks in advance!


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hello nick i have been using them in the factory position for years and years with no issues I use dual can lambda these days HV electronics or haltech supply them

Brilliant! Thats great to know. Thanks Ross