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Stoichiometric AFR of Common Fuels

Understanding AFR

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now i understand that the Stoichiometric AFR of Gasoline (pump fuel) is 14.7

but is this include all 91/95/98/100 octane fuel?




The lambda reading of a given fuel is related to its calorific value and how much air is required to burn it to completion.

Octane ratings are not related to calorific value but to the fuels resistance to knock as tested in a laboratory.

Two different concepts. Short answer is yes.

thanks for the answer mate!

Brian, a good way to think about this is by chemical formula. A fuel with a given formula like gasoline (C8H18) will burn at a given stoichiometric ratio, no matter the octane rating because the chemical formula does not change based on octane rating. When the chemical composition changes, so will the stoichiometric ratio for combustion. E.g. methanol (CH4OH). Yeah science.

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