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Using Existing AFR table after a turbo upgrade?

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I had my car tuned by a local tuner few years back. It had a TD04 at 22psi and now i have replaced it with a bigger/better turbo. Can i still rely on the existing target AFR and tune it to match? I also replaced from a 540CC to an 800CC injectors. The car was tuned using VE. I already changed the injector size and dead time table to match the new injectors


uploaded the AFT Table

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Your AFR map looks fine, although a bit too rich in my opinion in the region of vacuum just before boost.

As I see it's a standalone, and if your tuning is based only on VE (MAP sensor), so if the VE map was calibrated properly, you would only need to change your injector size in the fueling section, and it should see actual and target lambda pretty close. Adjust if needed.