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097 - configuring a strain gauge gear lever

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About the 43 min mark, you are looking at the downshifts and the first downshift didn't have the driver switch activated, but the shift obviously occurred (and there was a throttle blip). The second downshift has the driver switch active but the shift was nearly complete before the driver switch activated. I think the problem with the gear lever tuning was that the downshift force threshold was probably too high, you needed it to be lower so that first shift was detected and also so that the throttle blipping could happen at the right time to match the revs and avoid the rear wheel lock.

Hi David,

It was actually the logging rate that missed the downshift request. Despite the webinar being about strain gauge gear lever systems, this data log was actually from a car using a paddle shift and hence if the shift request wasn't seen, the gearbox wouldn't initiate the shift at all. Unfortunately this small detail escaped me at the time of the webinar.

Another thing to check when setting up a gear cut system, is what happens if the sensor fails. Had a car over the weekend that had the load cell fail during a race, and due to the way the defaults where setup, the ECU went into Upshift Cut, and stayed there anytime the throttle position exceeded 15%. Obviously not a quick way of getting around the track!

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