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43- Rotary fuel tuning

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In webinar #62 it was mentioned to set the ignition timing conservatively while tuning the fuel map. On a 13b what is safe timing while doing the fuel map? Thank you

It depends whether you're referring to a turbo or N/A 13b? For N/A I'd start with 15 degrees. For a turbo engine you'd be best to do the same but then retard the timing back to 5 degrees in positive boost. That will be super conservative but enough to get you tuning.

Hi Andre, thanks for the help. The car is a single turbo 1993 Rx7. Currently leading is set to 20 degrees , trailing 10 and a split of 10. Should I change the split to 15 degrees? After that can I steer tuning my fuel map? Thanks again!

20 is fine in vacuum, I lock it down to ~8* with 10* split in boost until I'm done with fuel.

I tend to run a split of 15 degrees in vacuum and 7-10 in boost with some smoothing so that change becomes progressive.