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Are adding more grounds a bad idea? Re: Star Earthting Webinar

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Having just watched the Star Earthing webinar, i kind of got the impression that adding multiple grounds would be a bad idea. I'm referring to the "big 3" type of ground additions.

In one of my cars I noticed a voltage drop across the system, especially when comparing voltage from the battery to the engine block, there was over 0.5v difference. This was a brand new car, so it wasn't degraded wiring or corroded ground points.

Adding a ground from the battery terminal to the passenger side of the chassis, the driver side of the chassis and to the engine block solved the issue and I got consistent voltage readings in all locations. Is this a practice that should be avoided? Is there a better way without rewiring the factory harness?

Adding an additional ground strap like this isn't a bad idea, or a problem. It still follows the star earthing principle in so much as the engine block is the point that everything is earthed to. The bigger issue is when you introduce multiple ground paths by grounding the ECU at the engine and then the chassis or battery.

With regards to the webinar, do you have a good diagram demonstrating the principle. The webinar seemed to concentrate on the issues it is resolving, not the solution itself?

Hi Denis, it's covered in our Wiring Fundamentals course and I've attached a screen shot below.

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