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I have an H-pattern syncro transmission (Getrag V160). I was looking over the large variety of settings in the gear shift tab. I dont think the gear shift strategy is really meant for H-Pattern transmissions. maybe the setup is just a bit overwhelming lol. It almost seems like it would work just by configuring the "Engine Speed Match" table and using a clutch switch as a driver switch to active the gear shift.


Engine Speed Match can only work if you know what gear you are trying to match speeds with. With an H-pattern gear box, it's really unknown (I've been known to skip a gear or two when downshifting into a hairpin turn).

The minimum required for a sequential gearbox is switch indication of upshift or downshift (or a force sensor calibrated to basically provide that info).

You could certainly use a clutch switch to indicate an upshift -- Here's another idea - perhaps you could have a couple of buttons on your shift lever to indicate whether you were going up or down.

My suggestion, start saving for that sequential gearbox -- you know you want it....

I use the gear shift strategy on my 4 speed H-pattern transmission. I'm not using synchro style gears though (dog engagement) and I use a gear lever force sensor to determine cut initiation based on force. The M1 does a really good job determining up or down shift, but requires time to set it up properly.

If you have any questions feel free to ask.

I would not suggest using a shift cut strategy on a synchro mesh box. This sort of box can't be reliably or quickly shifted 'clutchless' like a dog engagement box and hence there's limited value in an ignition or fuel cut as implemented by the M1's shift cut strategy.