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How to setup Idle Ignition Control - Link / ViPEC

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Idle control is one aspect of aftermarket engine management that can be time consuming to get right and is critical if you want your car to start and idle correctly regardless of the temperature or atmospheric conditions. In this webinar we are going to be concentrating on how we can use idle ignition control to help stabilise the idle speed. In some instances, particularly heavily modified race cars, idle ignition control can often be very effective, even when there is no idle speed control solenoid available. For this webinar we will be using our Nissan 350Z fitted with a Link G4+ ECU

Watch the webinar lesson: How to setup Idle Ignition Control - Link / ViPEC

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Did you ever find out why the ignition angle jumped to 40 degrees when the idle ignition control table was turned off?

Yes, I certainly did.

I had overlooked the fact I'd been using a 4D table for another function I'd been testing :) It was easy to find once I had finished the webinar but in the heat of the moment, not so much. A good tip here (which is consequently how I found it), is to use the runtime values screen to view all of the trims or compensations that are being applied at any time. This goes for fuel or ignition.

Just further proof that everyone can make mistakes!

Thanks for the reply, I was curious to understand what the issue was.

The runtime window is REALLY useful, I wouldn't have known about it if I hadn't taken your courses!

The runtime values window is probably one of the most powerful tools in the Link/ViPec platform. I'm glad the course helped you out.

Sorry to drag up an "old" topic, though I re-visited this webinar to address a problem, I am currently having, after upgrading from Link G4 to G4+ plug in. (due to being a data whore, who ran out of AN inputs).

The new PC Link software does not have the "idle target error" as the x axis default under idle ignition control, rather simply RPM as the x axis. I cannot seem to find how to change this, and of course, could always revert to a 4d table as presented in this course, however would prefer to have the additional speed lock out functions, as included in the idle ignition control options. Any clue as to where I'm going wrong?

As a separate question:- I'm not quite sure how the idle rpm table is still active as presented in the video, as the TPS is showing 5%? Again I must be overlooking something?

If you go to the idle ignition table and press 'X', this will bring up the axis setup menu, you can then select the parameter you want for the X axis (and add a Y axis if you wish). Select 'Idle Target Error' and press 'Init Axis' and you should be good to go.

In the webinar we are using our 350Z with dbw throttle so the TPS % actually shows the throttle plate angle which is being used for idle speed control, hence the 5% value. The ECU uses the pedal position to enter idle ignition control.

Ahh, makes complete sense, thanks!

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