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Salaam ,

Andre , at hp tuner webinar I saw you that you configured LM2 innovate to hp tuner properly !!

Can you please explain it in details ?

I tried to get good reading at scanner but no successfull , always the reading at scanner drifts a way especially at wot !!

Thanks for help

Apologies for the delay in replying - I've just got back from a vacation.

Getting the LM2 input into the scanner is a real pain in the ass and I've spent countless hours finding a solution. It's made worse because about half of the people posting in the HP Tuners forum report it working faultlessly and the other half claim it's no good. There's not much solid data on what to do. Here's what I found worked for me:

The key is that you can't input the data to VCM Scanner by using the usb connector on the top of the LM2. For some reason this just doesn't work. Instead you're going to need the Serial output cable that plugs into the side of the LM2. This is terminated with a D9 serial connector so you'll also need a serial to USB adaptor to get this into your laptop. You'll need to select the parameter you want to log which you can find under 'External Inputs' - 'Serial Port' - 'Innovate'. Once you've got that setup you should be good to go.

No problem sir ,

Thanks I will try that way .