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At the start of the last webinar Andre was talking about a drive-by wire solenoid from a BMW that was fitted to the RX7. I am Interested to know what items were used in this conversion. As I am doing a build and finding it extremely hard to find a suitable throttlebody to convert my engine to. I will be running this system with a link Fury ECU. would it be a better option to go with the jenvey solenoid . Thanks again for all the help

There are lots of Bosch DBW throttle bodies that can be used, and some are amazingly inexpensive.

Bosch Electronic Throttle Bodies

They're using a unit that is common on BMW S54 engines.

M3 Actuator

If you're just going to go with a replacement throttlebody there're the Bosch units David mentioned as well as all of the GM 90mm throttle bodies. There're a few folks that make adapters for the GM bits, here's one from Full Function Engineering:

FFE GM Adapter