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Hi was just curious what rings should i select for a boosted, nitrous, or alcohol application or all of the above. Plasma moly, chrome moly, ect... also my set up on e85 running 12psi from a side mount supercharger on a 331 stoked ford windsor v8 with a shot of nitrous say between 175hp and 300hp from a fogger setup what ring gap would you aim for as most recomendations are for nitrous or alcohol only?

You're probably best to put this question to the ring or piston manufacturer directly as there are a lot of options and they will usually provide you with a matched ring set and piston to suit your use. For boosted/nitrous applications you're likely to see something like a gas nitrided steel top ring and a cast iron or ductile iron second ring. For your application I'd be aiming for 0.005 per inch of bore.

Thanks for that appreciate it.