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The person talking about being 180 Degrees out of time was probable referring the the physical location of the rotor tip in a distributor . Because if you line up the timing marks on the crank pulley . You could be at top dead center on the compression or exhaust stroke . If the motor was not starting it would be firing on the exhaust stroke . Line the marks back up to what was thought to be top dead center on the compression stroke . Pull the distributor back out rotate 180 degrees put it back in , to get engine to fire . Hence 180 degrees out . But since the cam rotates at half the speed of the crank yes it would be 360 degrees out of time in a 720 degrees 4 stroke rotation. Herd the term being out 180 degrees a lot growing up with carburetor/ distributor engines 1970-1980’s . ✌️✌️Have a great day my tuning Brothers & Sisters see everybody at PRI 2018