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Webinar 233 - Transient Fuel Tuning

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Afternoon guys,

Question on transient fuel tuning.

You mention the default Throttle enrichment load derivative table are pretty good on the Haltech and in the Webinar you dont really touch them and tune from the enrichment sync amount table as this seems to be fine.

But what im wondering is, if you DONT have a good default table for Throttle enrichment load (AE Delta %/sec, for my ECU) and dont have a good starting point for your enrichment sync amount (RPM Clamp Trim for my ECU) where do you start?

As both tables effect final fueling, changing one will add more fuel and so will the other etc.. so i dont want to end up playing cat and mouse with changing values when i dont have solid data if its my Throttle enrichment load thats too high or low, or of my enrichment sync amount is too high or low.

e.g. If i change the value in Throttle enrich load table say...at 100%/sec is too high so i lower it, i have now changed that at all RPMs for 100%/Sec Throttle moment, but if i make the change to enrichment sync amount (RPM Clamp) to fix it, it may be ok at that RPM for 100%/Sec but now its off at 500%/Sec Throttle inputs.

I hope that makes scene.

If you could offer some advice that would be great.

Running a Motorsport electronics ME442 standalone on a MX5 2.5L MZR Engine

Cheers brad.