Are YOU Logging Current Draw? | PDM Preventative Maintenance [TECH NUGGET]

No more fuses or relays are only one advantage of many that a Bosch power distribution module, or similar, offers.

A power distribution module, or PDM, has a myriad of other advantages which Andre from the High Performance Academy ran us through at the 2018 Performance Racing Industry show.

While this technology is certainly not new, it is becoming more common in mid to lower levels of motorsport with more and more teams and drivers taking advantage of a PDMs features. As mentioned a PDM like the Bosch PBX 190 unit we viewed at PRI replaces your fuses and relays for simplification of your electronics installation and increased reliability, but a PDM can also be used as a safety feature for both the driver and the components of the vehicle.

With added sensors, you can have a PDM shut off the cars engine and fuel system in the event of an accident to potentially save both engine and driver from damage and also have emergency systems like the fire suppression system trigger. Further to this, you can log all of the channels to monitor current draw. Why would you do this? Other than just for satisfying your data nerd addiction this data can actually help you undertake preventive maintenance on electrical parts that might be failing. Andre explains this and more in the video.

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