Better Than OEM? | Booting Transitions For Motorsport Wiring [FREE LESSON]

It's easy to do a better wiring job than your OEM did on your road-turned-race car, and correctly booting transition points is just one common practice in motorsport wiring that helps us do this.

NOTE: This is just ONE module from the Practical Wiring - Professional Motorsport Harness Construction Course.

Unlike connector boots which are more uniform in shape, transition points are a completely different ball game with a lot more leg work required to ensure you get the correct boot for you specific application and ensure it is fitted correct to achieve the goals of providing strain relief and protection to our wiring harness/loom.

In this [FREE LESSSON] you're going to get a run down on why we even bother to boot transition points in the first place, 2 of the main boot options on the market (Raychem/TE Connectivity catalogue linked below for reference) being HellermannTyton and Raychem along with some tips on selection and a practical demonstration on an example wiring transition point.

0:00 - Why Do We Boot Transitions?
0:15 - 2 Main Options
0:42 - Raychem vs HellermannTyton
1:15 - Unrecovered Form
1:43 - Shape and Size Selection
2:25 - Our Example Materials
4:32 - Practical Example
16:01 - Final Inspection and Summary
17:41 - Just One Example of Many

Professional Motorsport Wiring Course.
Raychem/TE Molded Parts Catalogue.
HellermannTyton Site.

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