Professional Race Driver Vs Normal Driver | Data Breakdown [#FREELESSON]

You can do a lot with just a little data.

This is just ONE module from the comprehensive Data Analysis Fundamentals course.

Using the basics of engine speed, vehicle speed plus lateral and longitudinal g-force we dive into a comparison of a professional racing driver vs an amateur ('normal' driver) in the same car, on the same track and importantly even on the same day.

Right off the cuff we can see for this amateur driving braking force and duration are areas they could gain a huge amount of time from with a bit of focus, along with insight via the traction circle when diving into things at a more advanced level.

0:00 - Reference Laps
0:20 - Lesson Plan
0:34 - Basic Data: Am Driver
2:40 - Under Braking
3:29 - Lateral G-Force
3:50 - Second Corner Speed Trace
5:30 - Overbraking
6:34 - Where The Time Is Lost
8:12 - Traction Circle Tip
9:26 - Core Data Still 100% Relevant
9:42 - Just One Small Piece Of Knowledge From A Full Course

Driver comparison data is more meaningful when you have the right setup. Want to learn how to do your own motorsport wheel alignment? Start with a FREE live lesson.


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