What Are Race Spec Circular Connectors? | Motorsport Connectors [#FREELESSON]

Race Spec, Mil Spec and Aerospace are just a few terms thrown around, correctly or incorrectly, when it comes to the circular connectors used in motorsport wiring applications, but as the mix of terms implies, there is a massive amount of misunderstanding about how and where these connectors are used and where to source them, let alone what they're called.

In this lesson we're going to dive into these 'Race Spec' (we've picked a side 😅 ) circular connectors that are used in many professional motorsport wiring harnesses covering off some of the options you have for purchase, the required tooling and why it is critical to use it, how to pin and de-pin your closed barrel pins and in what order along with why you should make sure you use the right type of wire for your connector.

Traditionally the tools and materials we use for motorsport wiring come from the Aerospace industry, however, as time goes on and the needs of the motorsport industry are better understood the likes of motorsport specific 'Race Spec' connectors in the form of offerings from Souriau and Deustch have become available to both professional and amateur levels alike.

The tooling and materials required to make correct use of connectors like this are specified by the manufactures, and we strongly advise you follow these guidelines. If you can't, it is better to use the tools and materials you do have access to on a more suitable connector to avoid reliability issues, damage and wasted time and money. Used correctly, you can ensure the opposite by producing a quality wiring harness that is going to outlast the life of your vehicle.

This lesson is a bit of a monster, so as well as the time stamps we have broken things up into 6 main sections which are:
1.) Specifying the best connector for your application
2.) Required tooling
3.) Pinning process (crimping)
4.) Wiring options (or lack of)
5.) Practical example of above knowledge put into action
6.) Key points you should now understand. Don't understand these? Have another watch remembering this is just ONE module from a full, detailed wiring course which you can enroll in via the link below.
0:00 - Why Use These Connectors?
0:34 - Popular Options
1:02 - 1.) Specifying Your Best Option/s
2:04 - Connector Construction and Configurations
2:55 - Part Number Explanations
5:21 - Locking Feature
5:42 - 2.) Tooling
6:20 - DMC AFM8 Crimp Tool
7:17 - Selectable Positioner/Dies
8:30 - 3.) Closed Barrel Pinning Process
10:03 - DMC Tool Adjustments
11:20 - Positioner/Die Selection
11:35 - Crimping
13:00 - Insertion/Extraction Tools
14:20 - Pin Insertion + Pro Tip
15:58 - KEY DETAIL: Rotation = No
16:43 - Pin Extraction
17:54 - 4.) Wiring Options and Pinning Order
19:07 - Salvaging Connector That Has Incorrect Wiring
19:46 - Pinning Order
24:00 - Service Loops Explained
25:00 - Back To The Job At Hand
27:06 - Hit The Link Below If You Want To Learn More
27:13 - 6.) Lesson Take Away

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