Why We Removed Our Sequential Gearbox...

...only to fit another one! Seems like a waste of time right? Give Andre a minute to convince you otherwise.

In this 'Today At HPA [UPDATE 293]' chin wag we're talking gearbox replacement that has seen our previous sequential gearbox swapped out for a Holinger SG3 unit. Andre explains why which was a massive decision for the vehicle given the cost of these, however, early reports since the filming of this are that all previous vibrations are gone which has justified the cost already to us, as well as saving Andre on his dentistry bills in the future (no more loose fillings flying around the cockpit).

Holinger 12

Also on the list are some of the other considerations around this new setup including the change to paddles, using CAN to communicate the shift from our @MME Motorsport units to the @ECUMaster USA CAN switchboard, and onto our @MoTeC Global M150 ECU which then sends one final Chinese whisper through to the Holinger unit all faster than the time it would take you to get on the clutch.

20210922 HPA 35

All that can seems a little complicated when you lay it out like that, but with the way things are now when it comes to the complexity of vehicles in motorsport let alone OEM, in reality it is not and the fundamental skills you need to set something like this up yourself are covered in the CAN Bus Communications course as well as the Motorsport Wiring course material over on the website, link above.

20210922 HPA 34

From there we look at an ITB setup on a Mercedes 190E DTM car via our previous Goodwood Festival of Speed trip, the contents of the Suspension Tuning and Optimisation course and the HPA Tuned-In podcast which is just getting rolling!

0:00 - Hello World
1:21 - Why Did We Change To A Holinger SG3?
2:00 - Paddle Shifting System
3:15 - MME Motorsport Kit
3:33 - Paddle Actuation via Ecumaster CAN Switchboard
4:44 - CAN Bus Reliability
5:17 - Packaging/Fitment & Maintenance
8:28 - 4 Port swapped for 3 Port Boost Controller
10:00 - Suspension Tuning and Optimisation Course
15:00 - $18 USD a Week Over 8 Weeks 😉
15:53 - @hpa101 ITB Discussion
18:58 - Check Out The Podcast. It's Awesome (Honest!)
21:00 - Learn More



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