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CAN Bus Communications Decoded: Determine variable scaling

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Determine variable scaling


00:00 - The last step in our CAN bus reverse engineering 5 step process, is to take the data stream locations we've identified as possibly containing the parameter values we're looking for and convert that raw data into real world parameter values.
00:13 To determine the scaling between raw data and real world parameter values, you're going to need a value for the real world parameter to compare the raw data against.
00:24 This is where conventional automotive scan tools can be an excellent help as they show us these parameter values.
00:31 Although usually at quite a low frequency.
00:33 This low frequency is fine however as we tend to only need a couple of points of comparison to work out the scaling.
00:39 We outlined a couple of procedures to follow when going this in the earlier determining parameter scaling course module and now is the time to put those skills to use.
00:49 There is not a one size fits all process for this however and some prior knowledge and experience is going to come into play.