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CAN Bus Communications Decoded: Step Three: Get the data displayed

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Step Three: Get the data displayed


00:00 - Third step of the process is getting the CAN bus data displayed on the laptop.
00:04 So I've got my CAN analyser tool plumbed in there, I'm just going to plug that into my laptop.
00:12 Just going to pick that up and open up our CAN viewing software.
00:17 Now I'm setting the CAN speed to 500 Kb per second.
00:22 That is actually a definition in the OBD2 standard that the bus that is on that line is going to be at 500 Kb per second so that should be correct.
00:30 At the moment I'm once again not going to put any filters in place 'cause I want to view all the data on the CAN bus and see if we can narrow down where this data parameter is going to be.
00:43 Click OK and excellent we've got heaps of data flowing through the CAN bus in this vehicle so that's really good to see.