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Data Analysis Fundamentals: Step 3: Download Logged Data

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Step 3: Download Logged Data


00:00 - The next step is to go ahead and download the data after we run the car on track.
00:04 So as I said earlier on, the really nice thing about the AiM system is all of the communication with the logger, whether it's for configuring it or downloading the data, happens over the local WiFi network of the logger.
00:15 So the first step is to connect to the logger on its network and then we can go ahead and download that and we do that using the Race Studio 3 software.
00:23 So let's jump across to my laptop screen and look at how we do that.
00:25 So if we just go ahead and connect to the logger now, so should be able to find this in the list.
00:35 And then we have successfully connected to the logger.
00:39 And then we'll come across to the downloads here and this is just some dummy data that isn't real but I've just put it in here as an example of how we're going to do the download.
00:47 So I can select this run as if it's one we actually want to download from the track and I just click download.
00:54 Here I've got some options, different options around which driver was in the car, what the vehicle is, what track it was and any comments I want to put in here.
01:01 Obviously this is just a test download.
01:03 So this doesn't mean anything, and then we're just going to press OK here and we can see we've got this progress bar coming up and it'll turn green once it's downloaded.
01:12 So that means it's now downloaded to our local database inside our computer and we can now go ahead and start the analysis.

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