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Data Analysis Fundamentals: Go Faster With Data

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Go Faster With Data


00:00 - There's a well known saying, without data, all you have is an opinion.
00:04 There's a lot of truth in that statement and it eloquently sums up the need for solid and reliable data in the world of motorsport.
00:12 As I touched on in the last module, the real key to a properly developed data analysis system is that it offers impartial and accurate information about exactly what the car and driver did during a lap of a racetrack.
00:27 It never forgets, it doesn't get confused and it doesn't lie.
00:30 Provided you know what to look for, which is the basis of this course, it's an incredibly powerful tool for developing your car and your driving for improving your lap times.
00:41 In particular, data analysis can be used to quickly tell if you're getting the most out of the car in terms of accelerating, cornering and braking.
00:50 And this is one of the most common places that novice drivers give time away.
00:54 Simply not driving anywhere near the grip limits of the car and tyre.
00:59 Beyond this however, data analysis can also be invaluable for analysing aspects such as the driving line.
01:07 This can be used to test various lines on specific parts of the track to see which is fastest.
01:12 It can be tricky to really dive down into just a specific section of the track and decide whether a driving line change was faster or slower when you're only able to look at the overall lap time.
01:24 Since a mistake elsewhere on the lap may influence the time.
01:28 One of the most powerful uses of data analysis is when you have the ability to put a professional driver or driving instructor into your car and let them set a reference lap time.
01:39 You then have the benefit of their data to overlay and you can analyse exactly where you're losing time in comparison.
01:45 You'll be able to see where they're braking, turning in, what their line is through a particular corner and often it can be quite eye opening to find out that your car may be capable of going through a certain corner under full throttle acceleration when you would be completely off the throttle or even on the brakes.
02:03 As we move through this course, you'll learn about the equipment you'll need in order to record this data and you'll see that now there are some incredibly cost effective options.