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Data Analysis Fundamentals: Setting a Reference Lap

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Setting a Reference Lap


00:00 - Having a good quality reference lap is the single most useful thing you can have when it comes to improving your driving with log data.
00:07 Hiring a professional driver coach can be the best way to get this done.
00:12 If you are going to go ahead and hire a professional driving coach to go and set a reference lap for you, it's important to think about the car setup and conditions.
00:18 You want to make sure things like the car setup, the track conditions, the tyre type and condition are similar, otherwise that reference data is going to be less useful to you.
00:29 Before you send them out on track to set that reference lap time, you want to give them some time to get acclimatised with the car first.
00:34 That may mean sending the out for a warmup lap, followed by a few other sessions just to make sure they're comfortable with everything in the car and start to understand what the limits are.
00:43 Once they've warmed up and are comfortable with the car, it's worth having a chat with them to make sure they're ready to go to get that reference lap set.
00:49 Once your driver has driven the car hard on track, they'll also probably have some useful feedback for you.
00:55 It's worth having a notebook on hand to make sure you can record this down.
00:58 This is often an opportunity to learn something about either the handling or the tuning of your car.
01:03 Once you've got that reference lap you can now use your specific software to create a specific reference lap file.
01:09 Each system's a bit different, in this case I'm going to use MoTeC.
01:13 Once you've selected the lap you want to use and generated the reference lap, make sure you save it in a sensible location so you can find it later.
01:20 That same reference lap that we've sent through to the logger that's going to be used as the reference for the gain and loss on the screen, we can also use that inside the analysis package.