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Ethanol & Flex Fuel Tuning: OE ECU System Tour

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OE ECU System Tour


00:00 - When it comes to factory fitted ECUs, every ECU platform is slightly different or slightly unique.
00:06 And in this quick walkthrough we're just going to have a look at three different factory ECU base ROM files and look at how we can manipulate the injector scaling in order to perform a dedicated ethanol tune on an ECU that was never developed with flex fuel capability in mind.
00:24 We're going to start here with the EcuTek tuning package for the Subaru BRZ, Scion FR-S and Toyota 86.
00:32 Now it is just important to mention here that the FA20 engine fitted to this car, is a little unique in so much as it is fitted with both port injectors and direct injectors.
00:43 For the sake of this walkthrough we'll keep things really simple and we will just look at the port injector scaling.
00:48 Looking at our software here we are going to move down to our fuelling tab, and then we're going to look at the injector scaling tab.
00:55 And we can see at the bottom here we have the selection that we're interested in for our port injector scaling.
01:02 If we click on this, this will open up the port injector scaling and we can see here that the default value or the factory value is 228cc per minute.
01:11 It is important to just mention here that this doesn't always directly relate to the actual injector flow that we might get for example from an injector manufacturer's data, this still needs to be manipulated to get our closed loop short term and long term fuel trims on track.
01:29 This is the parameter that we're going to be adjusting, and when we move from pump fuel, which the car is obviously designed for, through to an ethanol blend.
01:39 Let's move on and we'll have a look at a couple of ROM files in the ECU flash open source package.
01:46 At the moment I've got a base ROM file loaded up here for a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VII.
01:52 And here we're looking at the fuel tab.
01:55 And we've come down here to the injector scaling and we've also got our injector battery voltage or latency compensation.
02:04 At the moment we're interested in our injector scaling and we can see that the parameter from default is set to 542cc per minute.
02:12 So again this is the value that we're going to be adjusting here.
02:17 We'll move down and we also have a base ROM file from a version 10 Subaru STi.
02:23 Again we're looking here at the fuelling and in this case fuelling and injectors tab, and if we move down we've got the selections here for injector latency and injector flow scaling.
02:34 Let's just open up our flow scaling.
02:36 And we can see here that the stock flow rate for these injectors is listed at 562.45cc per minute.
02:44 So again this is the value that we're going to be adjusting.