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Ethanol & Flex Fuel Tuning: Disclaimer

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00:00 - Before we go any further we need to talk about the risks involved with tuning in general, as well as tuning using ethanol fuels.
00:08 Tuning is a specialised skill that takes time to become proficient at.
00:13 Particularly when it comes to tuning a performance engine where you may be pushing the boundaries of component strength, the tuning window becomes narrower and this requires more care from the tuner in order to ensure reliability.
00:27 Getting the tuning parameters wrong can result in expensive engine damage and even the potential destruction of your entire engine.
00:35 This course will provide you with solid and accurate information so you can understand the implications of using ethanol based fuels, as well as the correct approach to tuning using these fuels.
00:49 From here it's still your responsibility to apply these lessons and evaluate the results for your particular project and application.